Nikki Shannon Smith
Children's Author
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Latest Developments: I finally started a blog! You can join me at

I offer professional critiques for developing children's book writers. See the contact page if you'd like to get in touch about this.



Thank you for stopping by!  This is the website for my children's books.  I'm a bit of an extremist, so I write books for young children (picture books and early chapter books), and I write young adult novels.  I haven't written anything in between...yet. But who knows? I'm also a little whimsical, so things could change.

My first book is now available in bookstores! Check out "Books" for more on that. I have several other picture book manuscripts as well.  Many of my stories feature African-American characters.  And when I say "characters," I mean it!  I love to write about silly, naughty, intelligent, mistake-making kids. 

I've finished two young adult novels, and have started a third based on an idea that haunted me for months.  My novels are a perfect place to dump all of my crazy, disturbed ideas, and I seem to have plenty of those!  Probably because I remember my teenage years so vividly...and they were...colorful.

Feel free to browse around, and do come back again soon.  This website is a work in progress...just like me.
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