Nikki Shannon Smith
Children's Author


The Little Christmas Elf
by Nikki Shannon Smith
Illustrated by Susan Mitchell
ISBN 978-0-375-87348-5

Nina is the littlest elf in Santa's Workshop, and it's her first year as a toymaker. She works hard to make the perfect bear, but it looks like she won't finish in time for Christmas. Santa tells Nina not to give up, and her perseverance pays off in the end!

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Also available:

A Treasury of Nine Stories
Includes The Little Christmas Elf
ISBN 978-0553522273

Boxed Set Includes
The Little Christmas Elf
ISBN 978-0307977458

Treasure Hunt
by Nikki Shannon Smith
ISBN 978-1541545458
Ages 11 and up

When Jazmine and Jason's younger brother's bike gets stolen, they team up to compete in a treasure hunt TV competition so they can use the prize money to replace it. But when they realize they have different strengths and different competing styles, the treasure hunt becomes more challenging than they ever imagined. Will they be able to work together long enough to take home the prize?

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Noelle at Sea: A Titanic Survival Story
by Nikki Shannon Smith
Illustrated by Matt Forsyth
ISBN 978-1496580108
Ages 8 and up

Thirteen-year-old Noelle feels like the luckiest girl in the world to be cruising the Atlantic aboard the famed Titanic. The trip is made even better by her new friend, Pauline, a girl who is traveling with her father to live in America. The girls spend the first days of the journey exploring, but on the fifth night, Noelle awakes to a sinking ship. Women and children will be rescued first, and Noelle realizes motherless Pauline will be left all alone. Despite her parents' wishes, Noelle breaks away from her family to find and help her friend.

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Ann Fights for Freedom: An Underground Railroad Survival Story
by Nikki Shannon Smith
Illustrated by Alessia Trunfio
ISBN 978-1496580139
Ages 8 and up

Twelve-year-old Ann understands there is only one thing to be grateful for as a slave: having her family together. But when the master falls into debt, he plans to sell both Ann and her younger brother to two different owners. Ann is convinced her family must run away on the Underground Railroad. Will Ann's family survive the dangerous trip to their freedom in the North?

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